The Topper

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The Topper

Perfect for handheld display and use!

Nothing fancy here but certainly gets the job done. This is a ScanMeIn iPad enclosure with the ID scanning enabling bracket. For this unit, the ID bracket acts like a 'kickstand' and props the enclosure up on a slight angle.

Light weight and easily moves about as needed and is made of steel; giving the strength and durability needed for consistent use. 

Note about ID scanning apps 

Most apps are programmed differently to scan IDs in either the vertical or horizontal configurations.  ScanMeIn kiosks are also designed differently for vertical or horizontal configurations.   Ensure you purchase the correct style (vertical or horizontal) based on the app you are going to use.


Get the stats:

  • Fits:  9.7 inch iPad 3/4/5/6/Air
  • Height: 6" tall 
  • Swivel: No, but simply turn it to face customers.
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Colors available: black
  • Coating: enclosure - smooth finish/powder coating.
  • Material: Steel 
  • Assembly: Comes fully assembled iPad configuration directions included
  • Packaging: sturdy cardboard


Individual globally sourced parts are used in this product.