About Us

A small company with big capabilities!

Who we are:

Grunt Tough Innovations (GTI) was founded, and is staffed by, a team of US military grunts (now veterans).

When going into battle or being dropped somewhere around the world in the next hotspot, things never go as planned. The term “improvise, adapt, and overcome,” was born out of necessity - in times and situations when “Figure it out” and “Just make it happen” was simply the expectation. 

At GTI, the same thought process has carried forward and acts as our guiding principle.


How we got into this:

We started out when approached by a start-up software company involved in ID scanning for bars and nightclubs. They were having a problem with the effectiveness of their software and thought it might need a hardware solution, but that was out of their wheelhouse. We quickly diagnosed the problem and developed a solution that met their needs. From there, software sales skyrocketed and we were born.


Who do we work with:

Grunt Tough Innovations works with many different software/app development companies. Simply; we build the hardware that makes ID scanning software work better.


What we do:

We pride ourselves in leading the charge for designing, engineering, and manufacturing the low-cost hardware components that enable identification scanning and fraud detection.

Our philosophy is simple; don’t over-engineer, use easily sourced materials, and keep the cost low for the end-user. If our hardware components are affordable, it will make trying/using our Partner’s software easier. Win, Win, Win…we get to do what we like and are good at, software companies’ products work better, and the customer is happy; that’s how partnerships should work.


  Made in the USA

  Designed, engineered, & manufactured by disabled veterans!