The ScanMeIn Kiosks brand by: Grunt Tough Innovations, was designed to work will iPad/tablet apps that have an identification scanning component.  With our kiosks all you need to scan an ID is the camera on the back of the iPad.  No external scanning devices needed.

ID scanning apps

If you have an app that enables ID scanning, you have probably already discovered that without a hardware component the ID scanning capabilities are highly limited.

When the ID does not scan instantly, customers typically blame the app thinking that the app does not work.  The truth of the matter, it is the external environment in which the scanning is taking place that has the biggest effect.



Affiliate Partner

You do the tech, we do the manufacturing. This program is simple, we create a coupon code specific to your app/company and you pass the code along to your customers.  They come to our site and purchase what they would like at a discount rate. 


  • no bulk purchasing required
  • no need to store inventory 
  • no sales and use tax to worry about
  • no shipping, packaging, or returns to handle


Your app works more efficient and your customers are happy. EVERYONE WINS!

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Wholesale Partner

Would you rather handle everything on your own? We can work with that too.  You buy from us at a wholesale price and we ship in bulk to you.  From there, you distribute to your customers as needed.  

Minimum order of 100 units required.

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White Label Partner

Like our kiosks but want to sell them under your brand? Our feels won't be hurt, we can do it.

  • discount pricing 

Minimum order of 1000 units required and a one-time customization fee. No customization fee on additional subsequent orders.

Additional discounts for orders of 5000 or more units.

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White Label Plus Partner

Same as the White Label plan but with the following additional benefits:

  • Drop shipping available, and/or
  • E-Commerce - we can build and manage your e-commerce site for you, branded to match your organization's existing Web site with a link from your Web site to your e-commerce site, but we handle:
    • Storage
    • Sales and Use Taxes
    • Shipping, packaging, and returns.

You still purchase in the bulk quantities but then we build and store your inventory in smaller batches and ship direct to your customers with your brand on them.  

Minimum order of 2500 units required and a one-time customization fee (so it is branded to your specifications). No customization fee on additional subsequent orders.

Additional discounts for orders of 5000 or more units.

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