The Command Post Single

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Command Post Single

A single iPad enclosure sits atop a 32" post. Designed with a swivel mount that allows for a full 360 degree turn and has a fixed tilt.

With the Command Post Single you can start with the basics and upgrade later without having to buy all new individual stands.  


About the Command Post Line

This is a free standing kiosk designed for flexibility and growth and is perfect for locations where a countertop kiosk will not work.  

Boasting a single and very solid steel post, hand welded to a hefty 16" X 18" steel base, the Command Post is a solid and VERY sturdy product that can withstand consistent use.


The Command Post line is designed with individual arms that can be added to the post to expand to a total of three (3) iPads/tablets on the same stand! This allows a busy locations to add more iPad kiosks to increase the number of patron interactions at a single time without having to buy more stands. 

We designed this kiosk after working with establishments that needed to register/check-in hundreds of people through the door in a short period of time. 

Note about ID scanning apps 

Most apps are programmed differently to scan IDs in either the vertical or horizontal configurations.  ScanMeIn kiosks are also designed differently for vertical or horizontal configurations.   Ensure you purchase the correct style (vertical or horizontal) based on the app you are going to use.

Get the stats:

  • Fits:  9.7 inch iPad 3/4/5/6/Air
  • Height: 42" tall total
  • Swivel: yes, full 360 degrees up to three iPads and the ID bracket
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Tilt: fixed - ideal angle to optimize visibility
  • Colors available: black
  • Coating: 
    • enclosure - smooth finish / powder coating
    • base and supporting - textured / derivative of truck bed lining
  • Base support: rubber nonskid footings on the heavy steel base
  • Material: steel and high-grade aluminum
  • Packaging: sturdy cardboard, assembly & configuration directions included


Individual globally sourced parts are used in this product.